Marrison Family Law Helps In Healing Lives

Life is complicated, and conflicts are a part of the daily life of most people, but fortunately there are ways and people out there as well who are carrying out the work of the Good Samaritan. They help in healing the wounds, though in this case it is not always a physical wound, but surely the Marrison Family Law firm knows best how to heal the emotional scars.

The conflicts within a family have different ranges and types, it could be a feud between the spouses, or between siblings, or between parents and their offspring. However, in legal terms there are three main distinct divisions that family law deals in. A family law court hears cases such as Criminal Cases, Civil Cases and Family Cases. While a Criminal case involves the enforcement of laws and codes set down by the government and punishment when an individual fails to abide by those. A Civil case on the other hand is about settling the dispute between two involved parties, the subject of which could be business, money, one person either forcing or stopping the other from doing something, a tenant – landlord conflict, etc.

A Family case contrastingly has several layers to it, i.e. it is divided into further sections which are:

  1. Marriage related – that is to say the dissolution of marriage, more commonly known as a divorce. A case is filed whenever one intends to get separated from the spouse for good, under this; there are three ways – divorce, annulment or separation. Each has its own grounds and rules pertaining to property, inheritance, and alimony and child custody.

  1. Child custody – this case can be filed only when there is a clear intention and ongoing process of getting a divorce. The court after taking into consideration the wishes of the child and the abilities of the claimants of the custody in taking of the care of the child, gives its verdict on who could keep the children and other things related to it.

  1. Paternity – if due to any circumstance the father of a particular child is unknown or unsure of his paternity, either of the parents can file a case at the family court, whereby the paternity of the father will be established with certainty.

  1. Terminating Parental Rights and Adoption – there could arise situations where a particular parent would want to give up their parenthood and another might want to adopt the same child, a case ought to thus be filed to come to a settlement with it, so that there are no illegal claims later in the future.

  1. Approval of Underage Marriages – since the marriageable age is 18 years, those marrying before that are considered to be going against law, however, if they still want to sustain that marriage, they should seek the help of family law experts as those at Marrison Family Law at Colorado Springs, CO and file a petition. The judge will assist them in legalizing the marriage and at the same time become legally free from their parents, if they want to.
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