Hit and run is a traffic accident in which a person hits somebody and then does not stop to help or to check on a person afterwards, you need a law firm like RR Injury Law to claim your insurance. This type of accident is becoming more and more common. This is a criminal act and as well as a moral crime as well.

There are many reasons for this type of accident. Most of them are as follows

  • Drunk and Drive: This is the most common reason of hit and run accidents. People do not consider it a crime to drive when they are drunk.
  • Over Speeding: Racing is considered cool these days. Youngsters love to over speed during drive just to have rush feeling but this sometimes end up in an accident and over speeding can cause some one severe injuries and sometimes it also leads to death and other heavy money loss.
  • Cell phones: Using cell phone while driving is also considered illegal. Using cell phone during drive can cause distraction and that might lead to negligence and hit.

All of these causes lead to an accident and the culprit mostly flew from the sight to avoid the legal troubles. Hit and run laws are different across the globe. Punishments and penalties differ from state to state and depend on the mode of the injury or loss. In some states hit and run culprits face jail, sometimes if the victims injury is minor a person can only get the punishment of fine and medical expenses of the victim and has to pay the property loss.

If you have met an accident where the culprit has flown away from the scene you can get your right by hiring an injury law attorney in Tacoma, they will find out the evidences and will help you to receive the justice you require. That attorney will seek out the evidences like number of the vehicle, its model, its owner and will inquire the details with the help of cops and information you have from the incident.


If you met a sudden accident and are aware and in conscious state it is important that you remember or note the number of the vehicle that hit you and had flown away. Then immediately call the cops and tell about your position and your state and the number of the vehicle. So that they can catch the driver before it gets late.


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