Frequently Asked Questions about Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a complex legal system. If you suffer an injury at work and are getting ready to file or have filed a workers’ comp lawsuit, it’s likely you have many questions.

This article highlights some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as their answers to help address some of your concerns. However, since this list is by no means exhaustive, you may want to consult with an Everett workers compensation attorney for more answers and clarification.

Without further ado, here are the frequently asked questions about workers’ compensation.

What actions should I take after the injury?

First, you should inform your employer about the injury irrespective of how major or minor it seems, because your claim can be denied if you fail to notify them within a specific timeframe. Report the accident to your employer as soon as you can. You should also report injuries as soon as you realize you’re hurt, whether it’s immediately or later on.

What illnesses and injuries are covered?

The worker’s compensation system is designed to benefit injured employees without the need to prove liability, so it covers most illnesses and injuries that arise due to work-related conditions or accident. The only injuries that may not be covered under the system are those that:

  • Occur due to breaking the law
  • Are intentionally self-inflicted, including suicide
  • Arise when someone attacks you, but he or she is not related to your workplace or employer, for reasons that aren’t job-related
  • Result when a fellow employee attacks you for personal reasons
  • Sometimes, injuries that occur while in transit to or from work, during breaks or from work, generally do not qualify for Everett workers’ comp.

What benefits can I get?

This will depend on the type of injury you incurred as well as its extent. If you spend days away from work because of the injury, you may be entitled to temporary disability benefits, which are often two-thirds of your normal pay. Your medical expenses will also be catered to for as long as necessary. If needs be, you may get vocational rehabilitation to help get you back in shape for your old or new job.

Who provides workers’ comp benefits?

Your employer is responsible for providing the workers’ compensation benefits. Just as the law requires every vehicle to have insurance but many drivers are still uninsured, employers have a duty to provide workers’ comp coverage, but some do not carry it.

Are all workers covered under workers’ comp?

Most full-time and part-time workers are entitled to the workers’ compensation benefits. However, the self-employed may be rare exceptions to this law.

Do I need a lawyer?

A workers’ compensation lawyer would be an integral part of the process, especially if you suffered serious illness or injury. So, if you have been injured severely and/or think you’ll be disabled temporarily or permanently, it is in your best interest to lawyer up. Lawyers have the necessary experience to handle workers’ comp lawsuits. They will use their understanding of the law to ensure you get maximum benefits for your injury.

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